Admissions FAQ's

My child turns 5 in July, but I really want him to go to TK instead of kindergarten. Should I just apply for kindergarten? 

No. If your child is age eligible for kindergarten, you must apply for kindergarten. We developmentally assess our kindergarten applicants first and give special consideration to those children with summer birthdays (June - August). If it is determined that they would be better served in TK, our admissions department will facilitate the application changes for placement in our TK application list. All of this is reviewed and discussed during your parent/administrator meeting. 

My child's grade level doesn't show up when I try to apply. Should I just apply for a grade that shows up?

First, check the Admissions Calendar to see when your age/grade level opens. 
Once a grade/age level reaches a maximum waitlist of 6 students, the portal for that grade level will close. There is the possibility that it will reopen  throughout the year so we recommend that you check back periodically. Re-enrollment for our current students concludes on January 31st.
Please DO NOT APPLY FOR THE INCORRECT GRADE LEVEL. Your application will be void and is not transferable to another grade.

It says that I already have an account. How do I log into it? 

Go to the website and at the top right side of the page you will see a link to "Application Login". You may have to create a new password.

When I try to finish my application it says "Inactive Submitted" and won't let me log in to the application.

That means that that grade level has hit it's maximum waitlist level and is not accepting any additional applications. Although you have the ability to complete your application in stages, until you submit it with payment your application spot is not being reserved

What do you mean by "priority status"?

Priority status is the way that we categorize your child's application. In addition to date submitted, your application is prioritized based on criteria such as sibling status. Please review our Admissions Policy to further acquaint yourself with the procedures. 

What are the next steps after submitting my applications?

Nothing will happen until our re-enrollment and priority applications conclude on January 31.  At that point, we will set up individual TK/K assessments in February based on priority status. Kindergarten applicants are assessed first and TK follows. Assessments for our 1st - 8th grade openings will not take place until March. We will only assess students for confirmed openings. Assessments will continue throughout the year if or when space becomes available and it is common for admission to classes continue through the summer months.  

What do you cover in entrance assessments? Does my child need to study?

Our assessments are a series of benchmark tests that are equivalent to what our current SRVCA students of that grade level are taking. These are measurements to make sure that we have the necessary resources to help every child feel successful in our program. For TK and Kindergarten, our benchmarks include developmental assessment and help us to decide if your child is ready for that grade level or if they may need an additional year of development at a lower level. There is no preparation needed and we will take steps to help your child to feel comfortable and confident during this process.
There are no assessments needed for any of our preschool classrooms. 

What if my child doesn't get in to the  school, do I get my application fee back?

Our admissions team is working to keep you updated and build your child's admission file from your first contact. It is not our desire to take more applications than we are able to place. We do our best to judge availability and it is completely dependent upon applicant qualifications and classroom availability. Frequently, we have late summer and mid-year withdrawals and encourage our waitlisted applicants with regular admissions updates. Our admission fees are not refundable.

What makes SRVCA different?

Our school is comprised of administrators, teachers, and staff that love God and children. We work in partnership with families in the development of their faith and spiritual growth. SRVCA provides challenging academics, competitive sports, innovative technology, and engaging fine arts. This is all done in a loving, safe and Christ-centered environment where we educate the entire child; mind, body and soul.
Our vision for all SRVCA students is to LOVE GOD, LEARN FOR LIFE, LEAD LIKE CHRIST.